IT platform for business aviation brokers

It allows you to earn 2 times more, automate or delegate routine and influence the future of the industry in community of professional brokers

The platform is created by brokers
for brokers, who want to start their own business and be ahead of competition.

As brokers with over 13 years of experience of doing businesses and development of IT startups, we see:

Focus on your clients, we will support you with the rest

Brokers employees do 90% of value in brokerage firm, but get different % of margin split. We've managed to change it.
Competition is growing, major players are launching their IT products and actively acquiring clients. We know how to be competitive.
We teamed up with other brokers and designed a product that would help brokers earn more by working in a simpler and more autonomous way, securing their future in digital transformation.
What benefits does
the JetUnity platform offer?
We develop business and IT infrastructures for both brokers and end clients. It provides you with:
2 times bigger income from your clients
Tools for easy handling of your current and new clients (CRM 2.0, Sales Support Team)
Spend less time delegating your flights routine to the professional back office (OPS, Offer Preparations, paper works and lots more)
Offer new products to your clients. We constantly develop the platform and your personal sales.
Accounting and financial infrastructure for transactions (Card Payments, Credit for urgent flights, Crypto)
Lead generation
Acquiring new clients by developing the user side of the platform
Expert community of brokers that shares same mission and values. We believe that we will be stronger united.
Gaining a competitive edge over conventional brokers by delivering new products to clients
Opportunity to become a co-owner of the company and develop your own ideas

There are 3 possible options to become a part of the project

You enjoy the full functionality of the platform, as a result you get the maximum commission on the deal. The whole process of arranging the flight is on you.

We support you with all you need, just focus on flights and margin generation.
You use all the features of the platform, professional back-end brokers take care of everything from A to Z. You receive high commissions and more time for your clients or your personal life.

Delegating to us the whole routine, you can be sure of our professional team with 13 years of experience.

Use JetUnity brand or our Whitelabel option.
You become a manager with the potential to grow into a company partner. You get a fixed salary monthly and a high deal bonus.
Why we will change
the industry:
Over 10 years of experience in business aviation
Strong project team with experience in launching other IT projects in the industry
Real cases of brokers doubling their revenue thanks to the platform
Roadmap for the platform and other innovative products development
A functioning platform and tools already in place
Values based Community

Shall we get to know each other

and discuss how the platform can help you?

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Shall we get to know each other

and discuss how the platform can help you?